How We Help

The most important thing that we want our service users to understand is that we will help without judgement or prejudice. The modern world of support resources can be incredibly difficult to navigate and we often see how people can be forgotten or removed from being able to access the help that they need.

We are always here.

There is no typical service user that we see at The Wellspring. We have experience in the best way to help homeless people and rough sleepers or those that are inappropriately housed. We regularly engage with people struggling to manage their relationships with drugs and alcohol. People with mental health issues that need support or immediate action can call on us. We reach people with learning disabilities, people with financial problems, and people who have suffered domestic abuse. Those who have been sexually exploited, or vulnerable to sexual abuse can visit us and we will find the appropriate care. We help people who are seeking asylum and people from other countries who have no benefit entitlement.

All are welcome to benefit from our help, knowledge, and experience.

The Wellspring will commit to helping find the support, advice, and resources to make positive changes for every person as soon as we are engaged. Individuals are given a one to one assessment through a process of listening and a plan is created together to improve their circumstances with goals for the short and long term. Our relationships with other support services means that we can refer people to them with confidence and empathy.

Our broad goals are to...

Support People out of Homelessness

Developing relationships with homeless people and homeless communities increases our engagement and understanding of the challenges they face. We combine our network of housing associations & projects with decades of knowledge & experience to help them make choices and actions that will lead to them secure permanent housing. For the short term, we provide practical support while someone is homeless through a hot shower, clean clothing, free food, and a sleeping bag.

Prevent People from Becoming Homeless

People are at the risk of homelessness for a variety of reasons. We offer advice and support that is tailored to each user’s situation, with budgeting, debt management, and benefits information that is vital to guiding them through the period of crisis they are in. Our support continues for as long as we are required to encourage the development of life skills that will ultimately lead to them taking control of their future.

Improve the Physical & Mental Health of our Service Users

The Wellspring has a dedicated surgery space within our building for our dedicated Advanced Nurse Practitioner to work from. This service is available without appointment. As this is supported by Stockport NHS, we can also provide health advice and referrals to medical and other mental health support services. A full sexual health and family planning service with screening and treatment is also available to all everybody we help.

Support for Substance Misuse

The complexities of drug and alcohol addiction are issues that we see from our service users on a regular basis. We attend to this through our dedicated in-house staff. They provide a wealth of in-depth knowledge and experience that gets them the help they need. Our relationships with community drugs & alcohol teams makes referrals a simple process and is always driven by the best interests of the people involved.

Develop the Skills of our Service Users

The ultimate goal for a successful service user journey with us is to guide them back into society. Our work is built on the idea that we offer them hope that things can change and help them make that change themselves. We aim to build confidence and create pathways for referrals to professional support services that will help them for the short and long term. We also offer the essential tools to navigate through the complex worlds of adult literacy & numeracy, benefits, housing, employment, and general life skills that lead to greater independence.

Provide Ongoing Support

We know that getting help from The Wellspring is just the start of a journey. We are dedicated to developing relationships with our users to ensure that they have the best opportunity to make positive changes and maintain them. This means continued contact once they are suitably housed, or referred through to other support services. We want them to know that we are always here if they need to check-in or their situation changes.