Our Success Stories

We are fortunate enough to see the impact that our work does.

It helps us spread our message when we can share that with the people that support us too.

These are stories about the real world changes in people’s lives that we help to make

David's Story

Alan’s Story

Three days after the bike ride I received a phone call that one of the males on the bike ride was critically ill in hospital. Alan was the victim of an attack which resulted in a stab wound which punctured his lung. Alan underwent surgery for this. The attack had a huge impact on him emotionally and physically. I supported him intensively with hospital visits on a daily basis, being advocate, accessing health, housing, clothing, food benefits and emotional support. Alan experienced flash backs and panic attacks. He was like a changed man. It was very sad to see the effects the attack had on him. During this time he was accessing his doctor regularly and was referred to the mental health team. Alan struggled being on his own after the attack. This had a profound impact on me emotionally. This experience has made me value every contact I have, as you never know when you will see that person again.

Sean's Story

Rupert’s Story

I first supported Rupert whilst I was a social work student nearly 6 years ago. During one of our outreach visits we found him sleeping under a bridge. He came to The Wellspring and I supported him to apply for, and eventually move into, his own accommodation. When I returned around a year later Rupert had been evicted from his property and was rough sleeping again. We started the long process of re-applying for housing and he again moved into his own accommodation. Rupert suffers from depression and, during his darker days, drinks heavily, disengages from all services, and becomes at risk of eviction. During the past 4 years I have taken the time to learn his pattern of behaviour, identify his triggers and from this support him to prevent any further evictions. This can involve anything from outreach, practical support, such as new benefit claim, and emotional support. Rupert is currently in employment; becoming more independent and has recently saved up and bought a car- a prime of example of how long term intervention can break the ‘cycle’.

Gary's Story

Rachel’s Story

I have been rebuilding my life after being physically and mentally abused by a man who is now in prison for it. Feeling in control and confident 18 months into my recovery, I was invited out last minute by two friends who I felt safe with that night. We went into Manchester but, after being out for only an hour I lost my friends. It left me feeling vulnerable and sad I was back on my own, feeling alone. I got a taxi to the pub, but after only being in the pub for a short period of time, I was taken outside and beaten, cut, kicked repeatedly and hit. I ended up being knocked unconscious. The next thing I remember is waking up in the police station in pain emotionally and physically, I was confused, disorientated, and full of fear as my memory was blank at the time. All I knew was I had been assaulted again. I was offered a call by the police and I was too frightened to ring home and tell my mum, so I asked for Alison Hunt – my project worker who has worked with me for now over 18 months. Not even thinking she’d be on duty on a Sunday afternoon to my huge relief, she agreed to come into the station. This is something my parents couldn’t do. Alison helped me to work through the ordeal and gave me confidence to tell the police I’d been beaten again after going through it only 18 months ago. I was broken at this point. Having Alison by my side, meant I had someone – a professional, that had the knowledge and experience to back me up my lifestyle changes and also my falls in recovery. Alison went out of her way for me that night at the police station. I truly believe that if she had no faith and trust in me she wouldn’t have gone out her way to help. I would be lost without Alison’s expertise. Her ability to communicate with others in my life has been overwhelming. Without her support and The Wellspring too I’d be truly and deeply lost. They also inspire me to want to help others and give back to society. I don’t know how she does it, but Alison has an amazing ability to communicate with people, especially with my Mum and step Dad. With her helping my parents to understand and make sense of the choices I’ve made in life and why and how it has left me feeling and coping. My relationship with my mum is back on track thanks to Alison. My mum has a better understanding than she has ever done, which gives me great pride, support and confidence that they believe in me. The support I have received from my mum and step dad has been overwhelming and it has helped me to gain inner strength, positive direction within my recovery and for us to be a family that all enjoy being together.