Are You Homeless?

If you are homeless or are about to become homeless then please contact us as soon as possible.

We are open 365 days a year.
Anybody over the age of 18 is able to access our services.
A member of our team will always be here and ready to help.
We can offer free food & hygiene services for you to use, and practical support through clothing and sleeping bags.

If you are made aware of a homeless person or somebody sleeping rough in Stockport, contact us here
Our team will make sure we reach out to see if we can offer any immediate support and advice.

Our outreach program offers...

General Support

Our workers and volunteers are always here to offer support with every issue. The Wellspring is able to make referrals and connections with other support services to get you the help you need.

CALL US ON 0161 477 6344

Benefits Advice

Staff at The Wellspring are familiar with all aspects of the changing benefits system. We can offer advice and assistance on any benefit related question or query.

CALL US ON 0161 477 6344

Housing Advice

We can assist and support anyone with housing advice and relevant information regarding the processes of applying for housing. We have supported over 1500 homeless people and rough sleepers into accommodation.

CALL US ON 0161 477 6344

Employment Support

The Wellspring will support you with information and advice on job searching, interview techniques, confidence building and any other employment related issues. We can also provide digital resources where appropriate and can help with C.V creation.

CALL US ON 0161 477 6344

Drugs + Alcohol Support

Our team have the knowledge and experience to help in issues of substance misuse and addiction. We can make referrals to the community drugs and alcohol teams and will get you the appropriate short & long term support you need.

CALL US ON 0161 477 6344

Health Support

A health service is available at The Wellspring with an Advanced Nurse Practitioner on site. We have a fully operational surgery within our building.

No appointment necessary.
Monday, Wednesday & Friday 10am -3pm