About Us

The Wellspring engages with the people of Stockport that are homeless or at the risk of losing their home. This means understanding the individual circumstances and needs of every single person we help. We provide free meals and hygiene facilities, clean clothing & rough sleeping resources, and our health services, advice, and consultations are vital for the physical health and wellbeing of our users. Our aim is to offer a cohesive and pro active resource centre that creates pathways and referrals to specialist services for substance misuse, adult learning, and life development.

We have adapted to the changes in the world over the last thirty years to provide the most useful and successful services possible. The challenges that we have faced from the upheaval of 2020 onwards have been the most varied and difficult we have seen in our history. Our response has been to develop our approach and resources in the most professional, and suitable, way to ensure the safety and welfare of the people we engage with.

The goal is for the people we reach to become independent with developed life skills that will guide them into a better future.

As an independent charity we become stronger through the assistance of our supporters and the awareness of the general public.

We are open 365 days a year offering hope and changing lives in a positive way.

The Wellspring is a non-means tested and non-judgmental service, open to anyone over 18.
We are not a religious charity or affiliated to any religion or belief system.

If you feel that we can help you then you are always welcome.