Our History

The Wellspring story began in 1990 with Fr Constance (Con) Botter, Parish Priest of St Joseph’s Catholic Church in Stockport. 

Constance was born in Indonesia in 1932 and during his young life had experienced hunger and deprivation whilst interned in a prisoner of war camp. After his release he returned to Holland with his family to experience the trauma of having nowhere to live, no employment, and no money. 

Returning in his later life, as a Parish Priest, he created The Wellspring Kitchen as a practical response to parishioner concern for ‘unemployed people and those in need’ in Stockport. It’s with this practical, active, and socially aware spirit that The Wellspring continues to engage with our service users to this day.

Fr Botter passed away in 2020.

All of our staff and volunteer teams recognise the work of Fr Botter, and the early volunteers at The Wellspring, for the dedication and altruism that they have inspired in this city.

It is our duty now to ensure that we build on that foundation to provide a service with the same philosophy at its heart, whilst attending to the challenges of modern society in the most professional and successful way.