The Wonderful Wellspring Staff

December 15th, 2023
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To support our Christmas Dinner Appeal 2023, we wanted to highlight the reality of what we have seen this year in the work we do. Our professional staff remain the true authority on what is actually happening for the people we help, and it’s always helpful to hear their thoughts directly.

Working in these environments can be extremely tough for our amazing people. The stress and responsibilities they take on through the year can often impact their own lives in certain ways. Their individual stories and reflections are incredibly powerful, and we are so grateful to them for letting us share these with you.

They Will Never Stop Being Here

They are the reason that The Wellspring is able to bring hope and positive change every single day for people that need it the most.

Your donations to the Christmas Dinner Appeal allow them to change and save lives.

It really is that simple.

It is the gift that keeps on giving


Let’s Hear From One of Amazing Support Staff…

This year has been equally challenging and rewarding. The cost-of-living crisis has impacted our service and the people who access us for support, so we have seen our client base increase and more demand for support placed upon us.

The pressure that we face every day can leave us mentally drained. As a staff member, I view my way of working as a fixer and this has brought me personal challenges to the support I offer. I have had to adjust the way I work with people and what I can now realistically achieve for them compared to maybe two years ago, due to the crisis that is going on around us.

These challenges are not only around cost of living, but also around the housing crisis.

More and more people are presenting as homeless in our local community and it’s becoming much more difficult to find suitable, affordable accommodation.

As a member of staff this leaves me incredibly upset when I watch someone walk out of the door deflated with a sleeping bag in heavy rain or icy conditions.

I’m constantly thinking – did I do everything I could for that person?

However, this role is also one of the most rewarding that I personally have worked in.

I love my job and out of all the challenging days, there are often many more rewarding ones. Advocating for people to get what they need and seeing this happen. Seeing people smiling as they come through our doors because something we did, has helped, and supported them with their next step. I could write pages about all the challenges, rewards, and support that we do and face daily.

What I will say is The Wellspring is a community for people who need support in whatever capacity that this may be, and we will welcome anyone to come through our front door.

A Few Words from Another Incredible Team Member…

For daily working activities, the influx of people presenting is sometimes overwhelming and obviously upsetting due to the current situation regarding housing opportunities.

However, time management and prioritising people’s needs seems to be the way forward and the fact that the team will have two additional workers I believe we will be able to be more proactive in addressing the needs we can.

I believe as a team that we have come together. Staff are talking to other staff members and taking their perspectives into account through listening skills, allowing other perspectives to be heard and being open to them.

We are remaining positive.

This relates directly to the unity of the team and our team practice on a whole. We as a team hopefully will see and gain insight to take additional pressure from our co-workers when needed.

Hopes are high for the future as a collective supporting team to support our members.

Christmas Dinner Appeal 2023 – The Gift that Keeps On Giving

The Christmas Dinner Appeal is so special and important for our service users, our staff and volunteers, and you, or incredible supporters.

It brings light and hope in what can be the darkest time of the year for some.

A shared celebration with great food and a gift can be a genuinely life affirming act. This is also true for our staff after what has been the most challenging year that we have faced in a very long time.

However, importantly it also serves as an opportunity to continue working on their own journey of positive change with The Wellspring’s guidance. Your support really is the gift that keeps on giving for the people that need it now more than ever.

Thanks for reading and helping us do what we do.

Merry Christmas!
All at The Wellspring