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Housing Services

Housing services at The Wellspring

Wellspring staff are available 365 days a year to give housing advice and make referrals in to housing. Our staff can assist and support anyone with housing advice and up to date information regarding the processes of applying for housing. Wellspring staff can be contacted on 0161-477-6344 or thewellspring@btconnect.com or use the enquiry form on the home page.

The Wellspring has supported over 1500 homeless people and rough sleepers in to accommodation.

If you require housing advice or support please contact the project staff on 01614776344 or use the contact us form on the home page.

The Wellspring has regular meeting with Stockport Homes and other local housing providers. Wellspring staff are able to advocate on your behalf. The Wellspring can offer advice and support on housing associations, private landlords, rent bond schemes and most other housing related subjects.

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